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Piedmont Lithium, Inc. – redomicile to the United States CHESS Depositary Interest (CDI) to Share ratio - 100 : 1

After implementation of the proposed Scheme, it is expected, that once a valid and complete instruction is provided, the process of converting Piedmont Lithium Inc. (Piedmont US) CDIs into Piedmont US Shares (and vice versa) will be completed within 24 hours. No CDI issuance or cancellation fee will be charged to a holder, although a fee will be payable by market participants.

Cancellation of CDIs in Australia and issuance of Shares in the US

As the ratio of Piedmont US CDIs to Piedmont US Shares is 100:1 CDI holders can only request to have CDIs cancelled in amounts that are divisible by 100.

If a Piedmont US CDI holder wishes to move their securities from Australia to the United States they can do so:

  1. Directly in the case of a holder on the issuer sponsored sub-register by completing a CDI Cancellation Form, and returning it together with original certified copies of the holder’s identification documentation, to Computershare’s dedicated Global Transaction team in Australia (GT AU). Note, Issuer sponsored holder numbers are prefixed with an ‘I’, and are referred to as Securityholder Reference Numbers (SRN). It is important that the holder completes the form in full and in accordance with the instructions on the form. If the Piedmont US Shares are to be delivered into a US brokerage account in Depository Trust Company (DTC) the holder’s Australian or US broker can assist them with providing this information.
    The completed and signed CDI Cancellation Form, and the original certified copies of the holder’s identification documents, are to be sent to Computershare by post or email:

    Computershare Limited – Global Transactions Team
    PO Box 103 Abbotsford
    Victoria 3067 Australia

  2. by contacting their sponsoring Australian CHESS Participant to request the conversion of their Piedmont US CDIs into Piedmont US Shares issued in the US. This is relevant to holders that hold their Piedmont US CDIs on the CHESS sub-register. CHESS holder numbers are prefixed with an ‘X’, and are referred to as Holder Identification Numbers (HIN).

    Market participants submit their AU/US instruction via Computershare’s secure online portal, xSettle.

In both cases once the form or xSettle request is validated by GT AU, and matched to the Piedmont US CDIs, then GT AU will cancel the Piedmont US CDIs and arrange with their US counterparts to issue the Piedmont US Shares on the US share register to the holder in accordance with the request submitted.

If CDI holders have any questions about the CDI cancellation process, which would move their securities from Australia to the US, they can contact GT AU on 1300 850 505 (Australia toll free) or +61 3 9415 4000 (outside Australia).

Conversion of Shares from the United States into CDIs in Australia

If a Piedmont US shareholder wishes to be issued Piedmont US CDIs in Australia, with 100 CDIs being issued for each share, they can do so:

  1. For Piedmont US Shares held in DTC, the DTC Participants would deliver the number of Piedmont US Shares to be converted into Piedmont US CDIs to Computershare Trust Company N.A. DTC Participant Account (#2415), via the DTC Settlement Web System, as a free Deliver Order (DO). At the same time, the DTC Participant completes and submits a US/AU xSettle instruction to Computershare’s Global Transaction Team in the United States (GT US), to be matched to the delivery of the Shares.
  2. If the Piedmont US Shares are held by the holder directly on the US share register in book-entry form in the Direct Registration System (DRS), then the shareholder submits a CDI Issuance Form to GT US.
  3. In both cases once the instruction is validated by GT US, and matched to the Piedmont US Shares, then GT US will work with their Australian counterparts to issue the Piedmont US CDIs in Australia in accordance with the request submitted. For additional information, shareholders should contact GT US on 1 866 277 2086 or by email


Whistleblower Hotline

The Company maintains a compliance whistleblower hotline that provides all employees and external stakeholders a secure mechanism for the reporting of unsafe conditions or possible policy, ethical or legal violations. Any such reports will be promptly forwarded to the Company’s Board of Directors. The compliance whistleblower hotline is managed by an independent third-party provider and is available around the clock.

All issues are handled confidentially and complies with legal obligations. You have the option of reporting anonymously. Please note that withholding important details could inhibit the Company's ability to conduct a more thorough investigation.

Hotline Telephone Number

(888) 560-0982

You also have the option to submit your information on our website by visiting our Whistleblower Hotline page. The option to submit an anonymous complaint is available in the form as well.

Share Registry/Transfer Agent

Share Register

Computershare Investor Services
Level 2, 45 St Georges Terrace
Perth WA 6000
Tel: 1300 557 010 (within Australia)
Tel: +61 8 9323 2000 (outside Australia)
Fax:+61 8 9323 2033

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